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Iran's UNESCO World Heritages

  • Date of Submission: 2012
  • State, Region or Province: Jorjan Province
  • Category: Cultural 
  • Ref: 1398

Gonbad-e Qābus 

Gonbad-e-Qabus is a monument, located in a city with the same name in north of Iran, Golestan province. Gonbad city is 93 Km north east from Gorgan, a sizeable town in northern Iran near the Caspian sea.

The Gonbad-e-Qabus is actually a spectacular tomb tower, a stunning memorial to the remarkable Qabus, a prince, poet, scholar, general and the patron of the arts. He ruled the surrounding region at the turn of the 11th century and decided to build a monument to last forever.

The 55m (180ft) tower was completed on 1006, six years before Qabus was slain by an assassin.


List of World Heritage Sites in Iran

Tentative List


  • Alisadr Cave
  • Arasbaran Protected Area
  • Bastam and Kharghan
  • Bazaar of Qaisariye in Laar
  • Cultural Landscape of Alamout
  • Damavand
  • Firuzabad Ensemble
  • Ghaznavi- Seljukian Axis in Khorasan
  • Hamoun Lake 
  • Harra Protected Area
  • Hegmataneh
  • Historic ensemble of Qasr-e Shirin
  • Historic Monument of Kangavar
  • Historical Ensemble of Qasr-e Shirin
  • Hyrcanian Forest (Caspian Forest)
  • Jame' (Congregational) Mosque of Esfahan
  • Jiroft
  • Kaboud Mosque

  • Kuh-e Khuaja
  • Khabr National Park and Ruchun Wildlife Refuge
  • Kerman Historical-Cultural Structure
  • Lut Desert (the vicinity of Shahdad)
  • Nasqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab
  • Persepolis and other relevant buildings
  • Qanats of Gonabad
  • Qeshm Island
  • Shush
  • Susa
  • Tape Sialk
  • Taq-e Bostan
  • The Collection of Historical Bridges
  • The Complex of Handmade Settlements in Iran (Maymand Village)
  • The Cultural-Natural Landscape of Ramsar
  • The Cultural Landscape of Uramanat 
  • The Complex of Izadkhast

  • The Ensemble of Historical Sassanian Cities in Fars Province (Bishabpur, Firouzabad, Sarvestan)
  • The Historical City of Masouleh
  • The Historical City of Maybod
  • The Historical–Cultural Axis of Fin, Sialk, Kashan
  • The Historical Port of Siraf
  • The Historical Structure of Yazd
  • The Historical Texture of Damghan
  • The Historical Village of Abyaneh
  • The Natural-Historical Landscape of Izeh
  • The Zandiyeh Ensemble of Fars Province
  • Tous Cultural Landscape
  • Touran Biosphere Reserve
  • Sabalan
  • Shahr-e Sukhteh 
  • Silk Route (Also as Silk Road)
  • Zozan

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